Intimate and Sustained Attention... paid to each and every respective client. 

The work we provide for you starts and stays

at the very top of our organization. 

Media Relations

Sykes Global Communications (SGC) was founded solely to address the ever-increasing need for media relations and crisis management in the modern era.  We have a devoted passion for telling our clients' stories, while navigating the logistics of public relations and civic outreach.


We utilize our creative talents and years of experience working as journalists, writers, graphic designers, and brand strategists offering clients a broad range of comprehensive services, including:


  • Reputation Building: Positioning our clients and their teams as specialists in their industry by orchestrating press conferences, panel discussions, trade shows, and conventions.

  • Crisis Management: Preparing clients and their teams on how to deal with crises, and utilizing rapid response methods on helping them to do so.

  • Media Training: Preparing clients for interviews with a soup-to-nuts approach, from advising them on appearance and inflection to how to stay on message and avoid common PR pitfalls.

  • Message Development & Management: Telling our clients and their organizations' stories in clear and compelling ways across all media mediums, while maintaining message clarity and individuality through the consistent reinforcement of their developed and refined narratives.

  • Global Media Outreach: Ensuring accessibility to media professionals throughout the world. 

& Media Buying

We produce original and distinct advertising for companies, candidates and causes, whether through the web, broadcast, or cable.  Our proactive and rapid-response ads are turned on a dime, telling our clients’ stories through creative narratives that stimulate the consciousness of targeted demographics.


At Sykes Global Communications we offer the most efficient and a cost effective ways to secure media space for advertising. This includes:


  • Media Buying: Locating premium media placement at the best price.

  • TV & Radio Production: Creating distinct radio and television spots, including TV and radio commercials.

  • Online Advertising and Design: Producing high quality internet ads that will appear on a variety of targeted sites, generating traffic and an ubiquitous online presence.

  • Public Awareness Advertising: Crafting thought-provoking and compelling ads that inform audiences and inspire action.

  • Focus Group Assessment: Assembling groups of people to discuss how our clients can improve on their company’s products and services.

  • Ad Testing: Testing diverse ad content to determine which messages resonate most effectively with targeted audiences.


We employ integrated and holistic methods to assesses the strengths of the competition and communicate to your supporters a style and identity system unique to your own individuality.

Risk Assessment
& Management

We perform risk assessments and provide ways to protect clients against crisis, which is essential for individuals, businesses, campaigns and organizations at a strategic crossroads.


Our crises expertise helps clients immediately devise a plan of action if they should find themselves embroiled in a public relations emergency. 

Message Development
& Outreach

We communicate our clients and their organizations’ stories in clear and compelling ways across diverse mediums.


Through either reinforcing or modifying their desired narrative, we maintain the message consistency necessary to facilitate their ability to stand out in the crowd.


We position our clients and their teams as specialists in their industry by orchestrating various events that places them front and center.

Event Management 

Whether it’s a policy forum, an awards ceremony, or a TV show launch, SGC helps to make our client's vision a reality.  This includes event conceptualization, décor creation, host and speaker determination and booking, venue or location identification and acquisition, and the comprehensive oversight of guest registration, security, food and beverage vendors, lodging and transportation needs.


Sykes Global Communications utilizes our own in-house art department to create invitations, programs and signage for all client related events.

Audience Targeting

Our clients come to us with different perspectives and needs, and their existing operations often vary in internal facility and ability to execute effectively.


We provide the expertise necessary to collect, manage and utilize data, and to target messaging efficiently, compellingly and powerfully.


We are diligent in ensuring that every dollar is budgeted wisely, and spent as prudently as possible, in order to best communicate and resonate with our clients' constituencies.

Field Operations

Local messaging starts in the streets. To energize an audience, we implement data-driven technology and innovative field management to ensure your organization is reaching people door-by-door and neighbor-by-neighbor.

Material Development

Traditional advertising still resonates boldly with a wide range of demographics. Our work is distinctive, as we constantly innovate in the production of direct-mail and collateral materials through new and established methods.


Our aesthetically engaging commercial, political and issue-based materials are both compelling and memorable. We tell your story to targeted audiences whose support is most essential to your success, shaping the debate and managing the narrative.

Digital Communications

Through cutting-edge techniques and advertising, our digital media team is highly skilled in the most interactive, rapid-response, and conversational approaches to online communication.

SGC organizes methodically, ensuring that digital messaging makes sense for our clients' business or advocacy goals, yielding the most desired marketing results through:

  • Social Media Strategy: Efficiently synergizing, interconnecting, and building a cohesive messaging strategy across  various social media platforms

  • Social Media Branding: Developing a social media brand individual to your organizational, messaging and advertising needs.

  • Social Media Targeting: Identifying the online audiences most responsive to your organization's message, and providing them a sustained stream of interactive content.

  • Social Media Outreach:, Optimizing the most current methods in social media outreach, advertising and public mobilization.

Graphic & Web Design

SGC creates high-quality graphics and branding on new media platforms, including the web, video, and social media.  Online, we create social advocacy, political and corporate campaigns to support and enhance our clients' brands. This includes both coordinated long-term design rollouts, as well as rapid turnaround projects, and we execute them with strict attention to detail and accuracy.

In addition to crafting savvy and engaging digital campaigns to optimize your online presence, we have a comprehensive knowledge of messaging, technology, coding and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Our web-based services include:

  • Web Designing: Developing online advertising to meet your outreach goals.

  • Collateral Material Development: ​Writing and producing traditional printed materials attractive to your intended demographics.

  • Direct Mailing: Conceptualizing, producing, and targeting direct mail for businesses, non-profits, and campaigns.

  • Video Production: Creating a video presence through state-of-the-art, contemporary and sophisticated video production techniques.

  • Signage Placement: Using traditional mass advertising with trendy poster, billboard and leaflet distribution.