Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

For issue campaigns, business marketing and organizational outreach:

Our clients come to us with different perspectives and needs, and their existing operations often vary in internal facility and ability to execute effectively.


We provide the expertise necessary to collect, manage and utilize data, and to target messaging efficiently, compellingly and powerfully.


We are diligent in ensuring that every dollar is budgeted wisely, and spent as prudently as possible, in order to best communicate and resonate with our clients' constituencies.

For electoral campaigns: 

Campaigns and candidates are often confronted with a complex environment of political interests.  Every electoral cycle is defined by a diverse range of issues and an ever-changing landscape of potential voters.  Some of these issues arise unexpectedly.  Others are consistent over long periods of time.  Others evolve over time.  Certain groups of voters are more valuable to campaigns than others.  Who they are often depends on the candidate, their message, and their political perspective.  Each of these unique groups responds differently to a particular set of issues. Determining which voters to communicate with, and what messages are the most effective to convey to them is called targeting.


Due to limited resources with regard to funds raised and staff capability, in conjunction with the task of having to effectively communicate to people with differing political ideologies across sprawling electorates, campaigns can never reach all voters with equal regularity or optimal effectiveness. Therefore, campaigns must target groups they can communicate to on a consistent basis, honing their universes of voters with messages that will best motivate them to get to the polls.


Sykes Global Communications will identify voters who will be the most responsive to a candidate’s overall message.  Once found, we will communicate with a focused understanding of what best stimulates them politically, economically, and culturally, with an additional focus on tackling issues relevant to that specific election cycle.  We will identify the issues that motivate them to get to the polls, and deliver them by way of a complex assortment of mediums best suited to reach their distinct demographics.


Sykes Global Communications is effective in communicating a message with consistent and repeated precision to the right groups of voters, liberating campaigns to conserve resources while maximizing their overall impact.