Visual Director


AIDAN GRANT is Visual Director at Sykes Global. 


Truth within the story your lens tells --  Aidan Grant’s artistic process is driven by his interest in storytelling, capturing and preserving moments of beauty and humanity, within the ethical framework of photojournalism.  He documents life in a way that contributes to and connects with individuals and communities, as well as accurately informs his audience. Originating from Mornington, County Meath and was schooled in Drogheda.  He started his education in commercial photography at IADT, then continued with an apprenticeship at THE IRISH TIMES; this apprenticeship would teach him objectivity and the high standards newsworthy photos demand. Working within news media taught him to chase opportunity, focus his camera, and snap a dynamic photo.




He spent the next two years in Germany working at a printing company and traveling with his camera extensively around Eastern Europe,  the Middle East and North Africa -- Aidan went back to Ireland with a renewed interest in applying his photographic skills to professional work. His career flourished while freelancing for a music label and a variety of trade journals.  Aidan learned the importance and techniques of chasing opportunity and capturing significant moments in daily and political life in Ireland, including  the historical peace process talks of the mid 90s.  As the digital age of photography was emerging, Aidan emigrated to New York City. Once there, he began learning the techniques of digital photography. He studied and partnered with photographers such as Eamonn Doyle and Brian Finke. His photography was featured in ‘HERE IS NEW YORK’ a show and corresponding book of photography documenting the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

After settling in New York City, Aidan supported himself by working as a bartender; which opened up a unique opportunity when he became heavily involved in the New York City Irish, folk, and jazz music scenes - He founded and curated MONA’S LATE NIGHT SESSIONS; bi-weekly live music performances. These sessions have been going strong attracting heavy hitters within the music scene for over fifteen years now. It was during these years that Aidan regained his focus and interest in building his photographic skills and resume, as a portraitist and documentarian of New York City life. He has been featured and interviewed in the NEW YORK TIMES on Sunday. 


Grant solidified a place for himself as a sought after photographer for musicians and their album covers.  His works have been exhibited around the city -- of most note his show at the Soho Westbeth gallery: CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  Grant has self published two photo books: PARENTHESIS and RESIST EXIST PERSIST  His work has been featured recently in: NEWSDAY, LA TIMES, and THE NEW YORK TIMES and MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK and CBS as well as numerous music magazines. Currently, he is working on ‘Artist in Residence’ a project documenting the new reality  and homelives of performing artists during Covid quarantine.


His objective to make meaningful and original work centering around story telling, shooting the moment for what it is, finding joy, and highlighting the commonalities of individuals and their communities, as a way to preserve moments in day to day life and to connect people in a city of 8 million.