Advertising & Media Buying

We produce original and distinctive advertising for companies, candidates and causes, whether through the web, radio, broadcast, or cable.  Our proactive and rapid-response ads are turned on a dime, telling our clients’ stories through creative narratives that stimulate the consciousness of targeted demographics.


At SGC, we offer the most efficient and a cost effective ways to secure media space for advertising.


These include:


  • Media Buying: Locating premium media placement at the most competitive prices.


  • TV & Radio Production: Creating distinct radio and television spots, including TV and radio commercials.


  • Online Advertising and Design: Producing high quality internet ads that will appear on a variety of targeted sites, generating traffic and an ubiquitous online presence.


  • Public Awareness Advertising: Crafting thought-provoking and compelling ads that inform audiences and inspire action.


  • Focus Group Assessment: Assembling groups of people to discuss how our clients can improve on their company’s products and services.


  • Ad Testing: Testing diverse ad content to determine which messages resonate most effectively with targeted audiences.